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This week , we have been looking into the baffling and some times misleading world of male and female sexual health products and have reviewed the top 3 selling all round sexual health products on peoples shopping lists. 

So, did our testers end up with Porn Star size packages, or the Sexual Stamina of a Bull? Take a read and find out how our readers got on.... 

"VigRx reviews : Does VigRx work? Or is it a scam? Find out now... "

Vigrx pills
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First up - Our reader Jamie Campbell tested VigRX distributed by Albion Medical. You must have heard or read about somewhere since there is quite a buzz about it.

SIDE NOTE: Vigrx is now known as Vigrx Plus, an improved, upgraded version
"What you have heard or read so far may not be the entire truth. Or at least you think so, that's why you are here. So what's the truth about Vig Rx penis pills? What can it do for your sex life? Indeed, what is this pill in the first place? Read on..."

How you can benefit from using VigRx pills :

Firstly, note that VigRx is a safe, herbal erection enhancing supplement for men that does not give you any negative side effects. Instead, it will give you the following benefits ....
  • - gives rock hard erections due to increased blood flow into the penis chambers
  • - increases your semen and sperm production, ie bigger ejaculations
  • - helps you control your orgasms
  • - increases your libido or sex drive
  • - helps enlarge your flaccid penis size provided you combine it with Jelqing or enlargement exercises (you get these when you order the pills)
Vig-Rx is a herbal male enhancement pill and not a prescription ED drug. It works on the basis of strengthening your sexual functions so that you can perform better when you are ready. It is a more natural and complete solution compared to ED drugs and does not have the disadvantages of negative side effects on your health.
Let's just say VigRx attacks the root of the problem while ED drugs attack the symptoms.

How does it work? What about side effects?

Vigrx pill is made of only FDA approved, top grade aphrodisiac ingredients that can benefit your sexual life in many ways. Unlike prescription drugs like Viagra, youwon't get any negative side effects with this supplement....Apparently! So far so good!
The potent proprietary ingredients in this penis pill will help facilitate better blood flow, increase testosterone production levels and also improve semen and sperm production. They serve to nourish your sexual system so that you can achieve all the above benefits, in fact I noticed within a week of taking the pills my energy levels went through the roof and I genuinley felt much stronger and far more sexually charged, but an increase in Penis Length? I'm not sure- However, by the 10th day, having made love to my girlfriend on the Friday night, after a few beers following a work night out, she commented on how rock hard I was- I asked her if she thought I was larger, and she just looked up and told me, " Well I've never measured you, but it's looking pretty massive to me!" Needless to say, this comment alone from my Girl made the pills worth every penny regardless of the energy increases and other added benefits I received!

Conclusions : Is VigRx a scam?

As you can see, this herbal pill is a top grade product made by a reputable company. But "does VigRx work ?" In order to answer this question, you really need to know what's on your mind, ie what is it that you actually want ?
In order to get a bigger manhood (while flaccid), you must use Vig-Rx pills in conjunction with either penis enlargement(Jelqing) exercises or a good penis stretcher. I don't think it made much difference to my flaccid size, but whilst errect, there was at least a 10-20% increase in my size particularly with regards to the girth of my penis.
In fact combining exercises or a penis stretcher with a good herbal pill like Vigrx actually gives you the best, optimal gains since the pills also helps blood circulation and so on. Think of a bodybuilder who needs both this exercises and pills...
But if you want harder erections or the appearance of a bigger penis in an erect state or any of the other benefits listed above, then VigRx is pretty much the ideal solution. This is without a doubt a very powerful male enhancement pill that also comes with some exciting adult gifts when you order( I wasn't expecting these!). What's more you also get a risk-free, 60 day, money back guarantee so you can have peace of mind ordering it.
By any measure, this product is not a scam in my opinion. It has been around for some years already apparently so I would imagin If it is a scam product, you won't be able to buy them now since it would have been long reported to the FDC.

Overall I was very pleased with the short term results of this product, so far I have been taking it for 2 1/2 weeks (at the time of writting), over all I would give VigRX 8/10. Excellent value for money and pretty much does exactly what it says on the label! With the added benefit of giving me an all round healthy "glow" if you will and much better sleep whilst giving me a ton of energy and a noticable strongly perceived increase in testestorone, I definately feel it game my overall "manhood" a boost both from a Penile perspective and in terms of feeling incredibly Manly , strong and energised...Kinda makes me wish I was still single! ;)

All the best guys. Jamie C.


Genf20 review ... Human Growth Hormones to restore your Youth? Hmmm....We certainly were sceptical, until... Review by Sam Donaldson.

Here is the low down from the official site first of all to give you a brief overview of this intriguing suplement:

GenF20 Plus HGH (formerly known as GenF20) is a very popular anti-aging supplement distributed by Leading Edge Herbals LLC, a leading merchant of online health products for both men and women. Why is this HGH supplement so popular? What's so good about it?
To put it simply, GenF20 Plus HGH supplements can induce your body to produce more natural human growth hormones (HGH), which in turn will make you look younger, be more energetic, have a higher sex drive, etc. In other words, it helps slows the aging process down so that you can be young - again!

What is GenF20 HGH ?
GenF20 Plus HGH is a powerful human growth hormone releaser supplement that can help you :-

  1. Look younger : by dimishing the tell tale signs of aging.
  2. Become fitter and slimmer : by increasing your metabolic rate
  3. Improve your skin texture and make you look more radiant and youthful
  4. Power up your brain power
  5. Increase your bone density
  6. Boost your sex drive
  7. Improve overall health

Effectiveness:  reviews genf20
To understand why GenF20 Plus HGH is so effective, you need to know that the human growth hormone(HGH) is too large to be absorbed by the digestive tract and therefore has no use to you if taken directly. Also, we quickly found out the benefits this product has when combined with MODERATE to INTENSE excercise. I am no Gym buff, however I do make a point of doing weights and cardio throughout the week and I can say for the record, this stuff gave me a boost, not dissimilar to large amounts of Creatine. In fact, I suspect this is what it must be like to be on steroids if they were an all natural product!
GenF20 Plus is not a hormone but a supplement containing powerful ingredients that can help the body produce(or release) a higher level of HGH naturally. This is far more effective option as far as I'm concerned given that I'm no expert in pharmacology and I'm INCREDIBLY sceptical of man made suppliments, particularly those geared towards people involved in regular fitness training.

So, let's cut to brass tacks and allow me to tell you the benefits I experienced after 12 weeks of taking this mysterious stuff:
  • It seemed to reduce wrinkles, crows feet, and laugh lines although I found this hard to gauge in reality.
  • decrease fat, while increasing lean muscle by 8%, according to my trusty doctor!
  • improves the look and feel of your skin, I certainly felt a natural "Glow" while going about my daily business, even after just two weeks on this supplement.
  • Increased concentration throughout the day and almost "dreamless" deep, tranquil sleep after 5 or 6 weeks.
  • A general perceived increase in my overall mental performance at work and a sharper focussed mind, these effects were considerably high in my experience which I was very happy about.
  • A very noticable boost of my energy levels, sex drive and bedroom performance, I hope my wife noticed anyway !
  • I truly felt a good 5 or 6 years younger after a short time, I'm not too convinced about it's "Reverse Ageing" capabilities however, I am deeply sure of the fact it brought out the best of me, which to my surprise was a massive bonus particularly in terms of my physical and mental performance. For this alone, I would rate this stuff as one of the better products out there for overall fitness. Just remember to keep eating healthily and get plenty of exercise people!
Thanks for reading my review, Sam!


Provestra Reviews – This Is My Uncensored Review of Provestra

We would like to Congratulate Chelsea Warwick for winning our REVIEW OF THE WEEK!
provestraicon 220x130a Provestra Reviews – This Is My Uncensored Review of ProvestraMy husband and I often argue about my lack of appetite for sex, my inability to achieve orgasm, and the vaginal dryness, which has always been my problem for years. I never thought that I would be able to find the perfect enhancement pills for women that will free me from these problems and will finally put an end to my husband and I’s arguments in bed. Reading Provestra reviews, which are all pretty good reviews, made me decide to check it out. 
This women enhancement pill, experts say, is composed of nutrients, herbs and aphrodisiacs that have all been proven beneficial in balancing the hormones associated with women’s reproductive system. It not just increases your desire for sex but also enhances fertility and helps you achieve optimum reproductive health.
I, myself, have realized huge improvements, from the moment I start using the pill. Continuous use of Provestra, now tagged as the women’s Viagra, has made me realized more benefits that I never thought I would ever experience.

Provestra has increased my level of excitement for sex.
 It not just helps me easily achieve orgasms but it also helps me achieve intense and multiple ones. I’m 45 years old, and it may be hard to believe that a woman my age can still achieve such. I did through Provestra.
Provestra has also decreased the vaginal dryness, which has long been my problem and is probably one of the major reasons why I tend to defer my husband’s invitation for sex. However, Provestra, which is known to improve vaginal lubrication, has helped me with this problem. And now, I don’t have to worry about painful sex, as a result of vaginal dryness, and I’m able to do the thing with my husband anytime we want to.

Aside from increased libido, my husband has also noticed great improvements in my moods. Now, I’ve become less irritable and I have fewer mood swings.

There are thousands of products manufactured to increase female libido that, sometimes, it’s just hard to pick one by merely reading reviews of other people about the product. Sometimes, you really have to try out the product just to prove that it really works. I’ve tried hundreds of them, and I’ve been disappointed a lot.
Constantly searching for that perfect product that will relieve me of my problems in sex has led me to Provestra. Provestra has helped me a lot that I felt greatly inspired to share you my personal experiences with it.
Thanks to Provestra, me and my husband are now enjoying a passionate sex life, and we have never been this happier in bed. No more arguments about me not having interest in sex, having low sex drive or worrying about vaginal dryness.
I hope this review and all other Provestra reviews have made you aware of what the product is all about and what you can expect from it.  Check out Provestra, and you can say hello to a happy sex life with your man.

Many thanks for reading my review! x

Thanks to all this weeks readers and our contributors, remember to comment or email us about any new products you may have tried. Next week we will be looking into digestive suppliments which can take care of all your aches and pains so let us know if you've tried anything new! Stay healthy people!